OIST – the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology – started as an interdisciplinary research institute in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the very first students were accepted into the science program. It’s been known primarily as a research institute, so what was it like when the first students arrived? What do students from OIST do during their time in Japan? What are some of the best places to visit while you’re there? We’ve answered all these questions and more in our ultimate guide to OIST internship in Japan 2023!

Details About OIST Internship in Japan 2023

  • Internship Country: Japan
  • Duration: 10 to 12 weeks
  • Internship Benefits: Fully Funded
  • Available Fields: Multiple Fields
  • Eligible Countries: All Nationalities
  • Deadline: October 15, 2022

Why choose OIST?

What if you could work with Nobel Prize winners? What if you could be a part of groundbreaking discoveries, get a PhD from one of the best schools on earth for free and travel as much as you wanted? Oh, and what if your workload was light so that you still had time to enjoy life outside of work? There’s really only one place where all these things can happen: OIST. So, why would anyone choose to do an internship anywhere else?! We’re glad you asked.


What should I pack?

Preparing for your internship is an exciting time and a little bit of hard work. Before you can get to your internship site, you’ll have to pack your bags! Your packing list will vary depending on where you’re going, but there are some important items that no intern should forget to bring.

If you have any questions about what gear or clothes to bring with you while traveling, remember that OIST has a team of advisors who will be happy to help. You can reach out to them via email . They won’t tell you exactly what to pack (we don’t want anyone trying too hard!) but they’ll help answer any general questions about living overseas as an intern.

Where will I live?

To live on OIST, you must be a citizen of one of five countries or regions that have agreements with Japan. Currently, these are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe (European Union plus Norway and Switzerland), and Taiwan.

If you don’t have citizenship from one of these nations or regions and can’t obtain it before your internship application is due (June 1 for full-time students; August 1 for graduates; September 10 for researchers), you will not be eligible to apply to live on OIST as an intern. For applicants who are not citizens of one of these countries or regions but hope to become a permanent resident before their applications are due, we ask that they include documents showing their status at submission time.

What expenses will I have?

Living expenses are an obvious expense when applying for an internship abroad. OIST estimates that living expenses will average around ¥250,000 to ¥300,000 per month for junior researchers (for housing costs alone). However, keep in mind that you may also need to budget for additional expenses such as visa fees and airfare (to get from your home country to Japan) if you are required to purchase a round-trip ticket and/or visa fee if your employer does not pay them on your behalf. Plus, add a little bit of extra cash just in case something unforeseen happens during your stay! For example, if you do not already have one, you will probably need to purchase a laptop at some point.

  • Round Trip Airfare Travel Tickets for successful applicants are arranged by the OIST
  • Visa support
  • Insurance
  • On or off-campus Housing Accommodation
  • Allowance (Stipend) – 2,400 JPY Per day (taxable)
  • Commuting Support

My diet in Japan

You’re probably wondering what my daily diet looks like during my time at OIST.

  • In short, it’s not too far off from what you might find here at home—I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day (this is starting to sound like an infomercial…).
  • I generally do my best to stick to a healthy balance of carbs/proteins/fats (this is where I pay most attention), and make sure to limit alcohol intake.

How do I apply?

Are you planning to apply for OIST internship in Japan? Then, you should go through all of these carefully-researched details. That way, when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what to do—and feel confident applying. In today’s post, we cover step-by-step how to start your application and submit it; we also answer many frequently asked questions about applying for an OIST internship.

(Apply Link Is Given at the last)

Required Application Documents

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. A letter of Recommendation
  3. Statement of Interest
  4. Academic Transcript
  5. ID Photo

Notable locations near the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University

Mie Prefecture, Naha City, Ishigaki Island (1.3 hours) and Itoman City (2.0 hours). In most of these areas, you’ll find sightseeing spots that are within a few hours’ drive from OIST—including historical sites, volcanoes and natural wonders. Still haven’t decided where to visit? Here are some tips for how to decide on an island adventure in Okinawa! Ready to apply? Check out our helpful instructions here.

Things to do while you’re at home in your free time!

If you’re lucky enough to be able to leave your job for a few months, there are some great things you can do at home. Read up on chemistry and biology, but be sure not to overload yourself. One or two books is sufficient, along with one popular science magazine.

Tips for having a great experience as an intern at OIST

You’ve applied for an internship at OIST and have your dream job lined up. Now, you just need to pack your bags and move to Okinawa, right? Nope! Here are a few tips to help you make a smooth transition from job-seeker to internship professional.

To Apply, Please You can Visit Official site of  OIST Japan Internship Program


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