Slovakia Government Scholarships for 2023 are now open for international students. In this program, scholarships are available for bachelor, master’s, &  doctoral degree programs. Students from selected international countries are eligible to apply for the Full Scholarship.

Slovakia Government welcomes scholarship applications from all students having excellent academic records. There are many courses available for students to apply for. The NSP Scholarship program is the largest Ph.D. program. Its purpose is to promote international student travel. It is an amazing opportunity for international students to Study in Slovakia with a Fully Funded Scholar. We highly recommend applying for the Slovakia Government Scholarships 2023.

The Slovak Government Scholarship program is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Research, Ministry of Science, and Ministry of Sports. Students participating in the scholarship program must complete a Bachelor’s degree program within 4 years, a Masters’s degree in 2 years, and a Ph.D. Degree in 4 years. Scholarships are only for those students who are available to enroll in full-time degree programs. Applicants for short courses are not eligible for bursaries.

Description of Slovakia Government Scholarships

  • Sponsor Country: Slovakia
  • Sponsor University: Slovak Universities
  • Scholarship: Fully Funded
  • Scholarship Program: Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D.
  • Last date: Varies.

Eligible Countries:

  1. China,
  2. The Czech Republic,
  3. Croatia,
  4. Egypt,
  5. Belgium-French Community,  Walloon region,
  6. Bulgaria,
  7. Belarus,
  8. Finland,
  9. , Greece,
  10. Moldavia,
  11. Germany
  12. Montenegro,
  13. Hungary,
  14. Norway,
  15. Italy,
  16. Macedonia,
  17. Israel,
  18. Poland,
  19. Kazakhstan,
  20. Romania,
  21. Slovenia,
  22. Ukraine.
  23. Russian Federation,
  24. Serbia,
  • Students from the above-listed countries may apply.
  • The academic record of excellence.
  • You have to apply for full-time courses.
  • English Skills required

Required Documents

Following is the list of required documents you have to submit with your application.

  • Photographs.
  • Research Program Proposal.
  • Offer Letter/Invitation Letter.
  • Motivation Letter.
  • Recommendation Letters.
  • Passport.
  • All the applicants for undergraduate or master’s degrees must have to submit two letters of recommendation
  • All the applicants for Ph.D. degree 1 recommendation from the supervisor,
  • For Faculty and researchers: one letter of recommendation from group leader or department head.


  • Ph.D. students: 1 – 10 months.
  • For graduate students, the Academic Year is divided into 4 – 5 Semester ( 4 – 5 / 9 – 10 Months) , 3 – 4 Trimesters ( 3 – 4 or 6 – 7 / 9 – 10 Months) ( 3 – 4 or 6 – 7 / 9 – 10 Months).
  • Teachers, researchers, and artists: 1 – 10 months.

Benefits of Scholarships

Following are the benefits of Slovakia Government Scholarships that will cover the tuition fees of the selected students and provide a monthly scholarship to selected students.

  1. Bachelors and Masters student grants are 350 euros per month.
  2. Ph.D. students receive a stipend of 580 euros per month.
  3. 580 euros a month for researchers and university teachers.
  4. Without a Ph.D.  and less than 4 years of experience as an education teacher/researcher/artist: 580 euros
  5. Ph.D.  with more than 10 years of experience as a university teachers/researcher / artists: 1,000 euros
  6. Ph.D. degree and less than 10 years experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist: 850 euros
  7. Europe / Africa, Asia: 183 euros / 264 euros
  8. 20 – 80 euros for the entry application process and an interview related process


There are different deadlines for different Various universities to apply for the Slovakia Government Scholarship 2023.

  1. The scholarship will be available during the summer semester of the current academic year i.e – on 31 October at 16:00 CET
  2. Applicants will start receiving Scholarships in the next academic year on 30 April at 16:00 CET.

How to apply for Slovakia Government Scholarships!

Scholarship applications are accepted Online. Choose your field of ​​interest. All interested students have to apply online and kindly submit all the required documents before the deadline for the Slovakia Government Scholarships mentioned above. There is a different deadline for each university, so use it wisely. Kindly make a visit to the official website link given below for more information

Official Announcement


Honestly, The Slovakia Government Scholarship program is one of the best study opportunities for international students and researchers from all over the world. With this financial support also different academic courses are available to choose from. The scholarship provides a good stipend to students for academic expenses which helps their career development. Even if you are a graduate and looking to fund your further education or a researcher seeking new perspectives, this is one of the best options for you to adopt. Don’t miss out on this chance and apply for this scholarship program as soon as possible.

Good Luck!

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