What is the TESDA Online Program?

The TESDA Online Program (TOP)  is providing technical education which is easy and more accessible to Citizens of the Philippines using online technology. This program gives an efficient and effective way of delivering technical education and skills development services to more people at a lower cost and more reach to the citizens.

The program is basically designed for unemployed adults, students, out-of-school youth, professionals, staff,  Filipino overseas staff who would like to take TESDA online courses at their own pace and time with the comfort of their devices like desktops or laptops.

You can access the TOP website on the TESDA website by clicking www.tesda.gov.ph and you can check their official notice about TESDA Online Program.

Do I need to pay a tuition fee to register?

There is no fee for this program as The TESDA Online program is FREE, you do not have to pay tuition fees to access courses.

How do I enroll in a TESDA Online Program course?

To access the courses available on the TESDA Online Program website, you have create a TESDA  account. For more detailed steps on how to register and enroll in a TESDA course, please see the “How to Do It” section of the website.

Do we get a training certificate after completing an online course?

We have done as many online courses as possible to reach as many Filipinos. We have not yet issued a training certificate. keep visiting here for any certificate.


If you have completed the Tesda course and you think you are completely ready, you have an option to take the face-to-face test which will give you a National Certificate at any of the TESDA accredited testing centers or testing centers.

Who do I contact for technical assistance?

If you have any ambiguity or questions related to the TESDA Online Program you can post them in the forum made for discussion or simply you can post your questions in the blog sections of the TOP site.

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