International students are invited to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship for the 2022-2023 academic year. Each year Gates Cambridge offers 80 full scholarships for outstanding applicants from outside the UK to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree in any course offered at the University of Cambridge. About two-thirds of these awards will be awarded to a Ph.D. students, with about 25 awards in the US cycle and 55 in the international cycle.

There are at least 225 scholars from 50 countries studying in Cambridge simultaneously following a full range of courses available at the university and distributed to all departments and colleges.

Gates Cambridge’s mission is to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others. It aims to accomplish this task by selecting outstanding academics, providing financial and non-financial support to one of the world’s leading universities, and facilitating community building in and around Cambridge.

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Coverage of Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full cost of studying at Cambridge. It also provides extra money for books, conferences, and research.

University tuition fees at a reasonable rate. University Funding Funds vary for different types of students; Applicants should refer to the Graduate Studies prospectus for full details at the correct rates. When a student from the European Union succeeds in receiving a financial award from a government official they must accept this and the Trust will not pay the fees.
One student scholarship (£ 17,848 12 months at 2021-22 level; pro rata course short course 12 months) – Ph.D. scholars, the prize is for 4 years
One economic plane one on the roads and at the beginning of the course
Incoming visa costs and Immigration Health Surcharge costs
The Gates Trust also considers applications for a number of additional option options:

Tuition fees – from £ 500 to £ 2,000, depending on the length of your course, attending conferences and courses.
Family grant – up to £ 10,120 for one child up to £ 14,440 for two or more children (average 2021-22). No funds are provided to the partner.
Fieldwork – You can apply to maintain your regular maintenance while working in the field as part of your Ph.D. (The Trust does not pay any additional field service costs as these must be funded by the University Composition Fee).
Maternity / Paternity Grant – if you need one, you can apply for a scholarship for up to 6 months and continue to receive your maintenance grant during this time
Hard support – of unexpected hardship

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Available courses

If you are currently studying at Cambridge and wish to apply for new postgraduate courses you can apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.
Gates Must NOT Gates Cambridge Scholarship:
Any undergraduate degree such as BA (undergraduate) or related BA (second BA)
Business Doctorate (BusD)
Master of Business (MBA)
Master of Finance (MFin)
MBBChir Clinical Studies
MD Doctor of Medicine degree (6 years, part-time)
Medical Graduate Studies (A101)
Temporary degree
Non-graduate courses

Qualifications Required  for Gates Cambridge Cambridge

You can apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship if you:

Citizen of any country other than the United Kingdom
Apply to pursue one of the full-time study courses at the University of Cambridge: Ph.D., MSc / MLitt One-year

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Gates Cambridge Scholarship Application Process:

Applicants submit their application for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship for admission and sponsorship (Gates Cambridge and other grants) through the University’s Graduate Application Portal (Link provided at the end of the article).

To be eligible for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship you must complete the admission section of the College and the College and the Gates Cambridge financial section. Gates Cambridge has access to a full application for admission and support when reviewing applications.
Admission phase: In this phase, you apply for a specific degree and graduation from the College. You will provide all the general information about yourself, your educational background, plans, and eligibility for the proposed course.
Statement: On the application form they ask:
For no more than 3000 letters (approximately 500 words) please explain why you are applying for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship and how you meet these four main criteria.

Gates Cambridge Reference: In addition to the two indication of admission courses, Gates Cambridge applicants submit a reference for their equity scholarship. On the application form they ask:
Please submit your Gates Cambridge Scholarship applicant eligibility test. This is presented in the following ways: intellectual ability.

Documents Required for Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

You must submit these supporting documents with your request:

Copies of undergraduate or graduate certificates
Recommendation for research for medical graduates
Copy of valid passport for at least one year
Statement of intent
Application CV
Letters of recommendation should be at least two professors from the previous institution.
Copies of all documents
Restart the Scholarship application
Motivational Letter explaining the reason for applying for Gate Cambridge bursaries
Statement of intent (SOP)


Gates Cambridge manages two rounds of voting each year. Sango Cambridge Scholarship applications open every year in September. The deadline for Sango Cambridge Scholarship is December. U.S. citizens’ applications close in October

Click here to visit the official website of the university and apply for this scholarship

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