Different programs of paid internships in Europe are now accepting internship applications from students all around the world. These Internships are fully funded for Students of Bachelors’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in Europe. Different institutions and companies offer these internships in Europe. This Initiative is taken to Provide Quality skills and opportunities to all international students.

Students residing from any country are eligible to apply for these internships. Almost all the study fields are available under these internship programs. These internships do not require any application fee also do not require any language proficiency tests (Like IELTS or TOEFL) for these internships. students can build their educational careers at the international level after enrolling in these internships.

In today’s article, we will discuss the two most well-famous and demanded internships for international students which are funded by the European Commission. The duration of each internship is different it ranges from 2 months to 12 months. And the last date to apply for each internship is different. so what are you waiting so long to read out the given information and apply for your desired internship? 

Description of Internships in Europe.

  • sponsored by: European Commission
  • Sponsored Country: Europe
  • degree programs: Bachelor, Master, and PhD
  • Funds: Fully Funded internships

Available fields under these internships in Europe 

These paid internships in Europe are available to students of the following fields. 

  1. Business Studies and Management Science
  2. Engineering and  Technology
  3. Communication and Information technology
  4. Art and Design
  5. Natural Sciences
  6. Humanities
  7. Education and  Teacher Training
  8. Law
  9. Languages and Philological Sciences
  10. Agriculture Sciences
  11. Mathematics and  Informatics
  12. Medical Sciences
  13. Geography or Geology]
  14. Social Sciences


The duration of both internships is different depending uon your field of study. 

1 European Union Internships (1800)

This program of the European Union consists of 1,800 Trainees programs. These all Internships are fully Paid Traineeships by the European Union for all International Students.

Financial Coverage

If you are selected for  his internship then you will get following benefits from European Union :

  • You will get a complete Living Allowance.
  • Your monthly allowance will contain the total amount of  1,229.23€ every month 
  • European Union will also provide Reimbursements for Visa Costs
  • Medical fees will be provided by the host institution. 
  • Airfare Travel Expenditures can also be provided b the European union. 

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2-1,272 Erasmus Internships in Europe

All the students of bachelors masters and PhD can apply for these 1272 internships in Europe 

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Application Procedure

So, you have checked all the information about these internships in Europe. If you are eligible and interested for this internship program then all the application procedure is online. Click here to apply for the first internship and click here to apply for the second internship. All the candidates are advised to provide all the correct information when applying for this program. Go and apply for this fellowship program. Best of Luck!



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