You will built your career here. Applications are open to apply for Twitter Internship Program 2022. Today we have good news that Twitter has opened its door to everyone. #Open your work. Twitter readers are called “Terns.” You Can Be Next. Students who have an interest in international study are encouraged to apply for the Twitter internship 2022-2023 program. Twitter is one of the best social media platforms in the world.

Did you know that social media is the fastest growing form of communication around the world? That’s because it allows you to stay connected with others in a way that’s as instantaneous as it is personal and convenient. Social media platforms are not just ways to keep up with celebrities, though; they’re also ways to keep up with your friends and family, whether you live across town or across the country. The same goes for Twitter, which has nearly 300 million users worldwide, making it the 7th most-used social media platform on the planet.

Students from different fields of Education can apply as they offer internships in various fields and majors. The Twitter internship program welcomes students from Engineering, to Marketing, and Finance. Students from any Domain. To apply for this opportunity, a candidate must be at least 18 years old.

The duration of the Twitter internship program is 12 weeks. Students with Undergraduate degrees or those studying for the Undergraduate Program, as well as Graduate students, can apply for the Internship on Twitter. Twitter encourages students from all over the world to participate in their internship programs. Full details about the Twitter Internship Program 2022 are available below:

Description Of Twitter Internship Program 2022

  • Sponsor organization: Twitter
  • Time period: 12 Weeks
  • Education Requirement: Graduate or in 3rd year of Undergraduate Degree (continue)
  • Deadline: varies for Different Region

Why Twitter?

What makes Twitter a good choice for getting hands-on experience in public relations? First, it’s essential to understand Twitter’s function and purpose: Twitter is social media—it’s about connecting with other people. The most effective way to connect with others is through outreach. When you’re trying to expand your PR campaign, how do you get in touch with companies, outlets, and influencers?

Internship Benefits:

Following are the benefits provided to selected participants under twitter internship program.

  • Monthly day of rest
  • Development workshops
  • Social events
  • Free Vacation and sick leave
  • Leadership exposure
  • Direct Access to online platform for courses, licensed therapy and personal training.
  • You will get self-guided app with different courses to build stability & reduce stress.

Our Twitter internship program gives you a hands-on introduction to working in a dynamic, creative and collaborative environment at Twitter. We look for interns who are curious about technology, passionate about connecting people on our platform and excited about solving complex problems using new technologies. In addition to your full-time commitment with us in San Francisco or New York City, we have several other locations across North America and Europe where interns will be based. The specific location depends on what role(s) you’re pursuing.

Eligibility Criteria for Twitter Internship

The eligibility criteria varies for Twitter Internship Program depending on the applicant’s region. you have to fulfill following criteria for  Twitter internship, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

JAPAC (Japan, Asia, and the Pacific)

  • Applicant should agree complete a 12 months internship program.
  • Age of Applicant must be greater than 18 years old.

North and Latin America

  • Age of Applicant must be greater than 18 years old.
  • Students must be fully eligible for a full-time after final year.

EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa)

  • Age of Applicant must be greater than 18 years old.
  • Students must be enrolled him/her self in a 3 to 4 academic institution.
  • Student should apply for Undergraduate, Master , MBA, or Ph.D. degree Programs.
  • Applicant should agree complete a 12 months internship program.

How To Apply for the Internship

If you’re interested in applying to Twitter’s internship program, then you need to know that they accept applications twice a year. Their spring internship program application is due January 15th, and their fall internship program application is due June 15th. While we don’t have any inside information on how their internships are managed (besides what’s published online), it’s good to know that there are certain criteria students must meet before being considered for an interview.

  • To apply for Twitter internship program the application process is different for different regions.
  • Applicants can apply online by agreeing to terms and conditions related to their country
  • If you want to Apply for the Twitter Internship. Click Here
  • OR



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