If you are looking for Scholarships in France, you got the right place. France has one of the world’s leading higher education programs. Here is the latest list of scholarships in France 2023. Applications for these scholarships are now open for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD Scholarships in France from 2023-2024. As the growth and demands of international applicants is increasing day by day in France, many Scholarships are now available at French universities. International applicants want to study in France. You can go to many French universities without IELTS as well.

When you study in France, you will find a lot of rich, multiculturalism from the world. French universities currently have over 370,000 foreign applicants enrolled in different courses in different universities. This is a great place to study. There are about 3,600 public universities in France, offering applicants fields of all undergraduate and graduate studies.  MBA programs are also available.

Please find your ideal Scholarships, Plan it, Entertainment, and more. Foreign applicants have access to many scholarships. Additionally, it ranks among the top ten international student places. You can find below a list of Bachelor Scholarships, Master Scholarships, and Ph.D. Scholarships are available in France. France’s millennium academic achievement, along with the country’s continued commitment to higher education, makes it even better than other countries.

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Latest Scholarships in France 2023 

  • Sponsor Country: France
  • Financial Coverage: Funded Funded
  • Degree Levels: Bachelor, Master, and PhD
  • Deadline: varies

Reasons why to chose to Study in France

  • English is the language of medium for 1500 different French programs.
  • 570 French companies will hire you if you have a degree from a French university
  • 500+ French scholarships available In France.
  • France is the fourth most popular destination for International applicants in the world

List of latest Scholarships in France 2023

1. Excellent Eiffel Scholarship Program

This scholarship is sponsored by the French Foreign Ministry, available to those applicants who want to study for their master’s degree and Ph.D. in courses, and covers all costs. The phone will reopen in October 2023.

  • For further details on the Eiffel Scholarship: Click Here

2. Erasmus+ Program scholarships

Students can pursue their Master’s Degree Program in France with the Erasmus scholarship program, sponsored by the European Commission. Visit the Erasmus website and select France as your country of interest.

  • For further details on these scholarships: Click Here

3. Scholarships from the Ministry of Higher Education of France

The French Ministry of Higher Education offers these scholarship opportunities to study Doctoral Degree Programs in France.

4. Emile Boutmy Scholarship in France

The scholarship is sponsored by Science Po University in France. The program will cover financial assistance to applicants outside the European Union who wish to study for a degree in Science Po for four years.

  • For further details on the Emile Boutmy Scholarship: Click Here

5. Excellence Major Scholarships

The French Education Abroad Agency provides this funded scholarship in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, it will give opportunity to foreign applicants to receive higher education in France.

  • For further details of the Excellence Major Scholarship: Click Here

6.  282 Masters, and PhD Scholarships in France

More than 282 full Masters, PhD, and postdoctoral scholarships will be given to international students from French universities in many fields. Most of these positions are fully funded.

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