If you’re looking Short Online Courses  in order to to improve yourself through online learning, then you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll talk about why online courses are so great and what makes them so convenient (especially when compared to in-person learning). We’ll also dive into different types of courses and the available certificates you can earn along the way. Finally, we’ll talk about where you can find some great short online courses with free certificates to get started right away.

1) Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is a must-have for startups and SMBs. This free, four-week course will teach you all about creating digital marketing campaigns for your business. From email to SEO to PPC, these lessons take you through how it all works. Each day has a video lesson and accompanying resources and challenges, so you can practice each new skill as you learn it. If you complete all of your work, earn certificates in email marketing fundamentals; social media fundamentals; content creation; conversion optimization; search engine optimization (SEO); and paid search advertising (PPC). With knowledge in these areas under your belt, you’ll be able to evaluate whether they’re right for your business—and if they are, exactly how to use them effectively!

2) Copywriting Course

Whether you’re new to writing or just looking to improve your skills, a good copywriting course is essential. If you need some convincing, keep reading—if not, here are some of our favorite copywriting courses available today. Each course comes with its own certificate upon completion so that you can show off your new skills (and make yourself more marketable). Skilled copywriters aren’t just in demand for their ability to write powerful sales copy—good copywriters also have impeccable grammar and an understanding of online audiences and what they want from online content. Take advantage of these courses now so that you can nail those freelance gigs later on!

3) Data Science Course

Udacity’s Data Science course is an excellent short online course that offers a free certificate of completion upon completing all 5 lessons. Short but sweet, you can read more about it here. Even better, Udacity has a course on AI. Check out our guide on how to become an AI developer for more information and links to other great courses that are available online for free!

4) Digital Photography Course

What’s not to love about Digital Photography? It’s portable, convenient, and lets you take pictures from practically anywhere. As a beginner, it can be difficult to get started and feel confident in what you’re doing. Luckily, there are free online courses that can teach you everything you need to know. Pexels is one of our favorite platforms for finding free images that we don’t have to attribute because they offer CC0 license; meaning they aren’t subject to copyright restrictions. But what happens when a picture just doesn’t fit your needs? Well then it’s time for editing!

5) Cloud Computing course

Short Online Courses are a great way to get your career going. Many online courses offer certificates of completion upon successful completion of their course. Although you’ll have to pay a small fee, those certificates can look great on your resume. One of my favorite short-but-sweet classes is Introduction to Cloud Computing from Boston University. At only three hours long, you’ll learn all about cloud computing–and walk away with an official certificate for it. And it’s free! It’s also short enough that even if you don’t end up continuing down a technology career path, it’s still a useful course for anyone who uses technology in their personal or professional life.

6) Free Online courses By Google

Everybody’s talking about Google. Need I say more? Okay, okay, maybe a little more. Google, as you may know is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software and hardware development and much more! With that being said it’s no surprise Google is behind some of best free online courses on offer today. If you are interested in IT related fields such as Big Data Analytics or Computer Science then take a look at some of their MOOC Short Online Courses.

7) LinkedIn Short Online Courses

LinkedIn is one of today’s best social networks for professionals. But if you want to use it effectively, you’ll need to understand how LinkedIn job searches work—and how to get a job on LinkedIn. These articles can help you out. Learn how to optimize your profile for employers and find your dream career.


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