The Richmond Fellowship Scotland (RFS) was founded in 1952, with its headquarters being located at 54 Hanover Street in Edinburgh.

Who Is The Richmond Fellowship?

The Richmond Fellowship of Scotland (RFS) is an organisation that provides support and accommodation for ex-offenders who are reintegrating into society following periods of imprisonment. The organization operates through the provision of a hostel in Glasgow, which provides accommodation to ex-offenders who have been released from Scottish prisons. In addition to offering accomodation, the RFS also offers a mentoring service; individuals work with peers who have previously been in similar situations as themselves, and offer support through one-to-one meetings and organised activities.

Who Should Apply To The Programme?

Each year, The Richmond Fellowship programme brings together a small, carefully selected group of postgraduate students who are passionate about making a positive difference in their communities. These students have a track record of achieving academic success and are looking to further develop the skills required to become influential community leaders.

The group typically consists of between eight and twelve successful applicants. Throughout the year, the group participates in an intensive leadership development training programme that explores topics including effective advocacy, fundraising, creative problem solving and team dynamics. As part of each monthly training event, participants also spend time working on specific projects that they have chosen to work on throughout the course of the year.

Services Offered

  • Alcohol Misuse
  • Drug Misuse
  • Older Adults
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Physical Disability

How Can I Get Involved With The Programme?

The Commonwealth Youth Programme, known as The Richmond Fellowship in Scotland, aims to promote the Commonwealth’s message and reach out to young people across the globe. In order to do so, it works with students through a variety of programmes and initiatives. These include: ・The Commonwealth Ambassadors Programme (CAP) ・The International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) ・Young Leader Development Programme (YLDP) To find out more about these opportunities.

How Does the Selection Process Work?

How does the selection process work for the Richmond Fellowship programme in Scotland? In 2018, there were around 35,000 applications to The Richmond Fellowship. 7% of applicants are selected for an interview and 2.6% of those who attend a selection day will be offered a place on the course.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply! With such high application numbers and a less than 6% success rate – many would say that you have nothing to lose by applying. And if you do get through to interview or your job panel day – I can guarantee it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life! If you don’t apply, then what do you have to gain?!

When Do I Need To Apply For The Richmond Fellowship Scotland?

You can apply for the The Richmond Fellowship Scotland at any time of the year. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Check their website to see when the next application window opens up and make sure you don’t miss out! You’ll need to create an account on their website in order to submit your application. I recommend doing so well before the application deadline to allow plenty of time for edits and revisions!

Other Questions

How do I apply for The Richmond Fellowship Scotland? Is The Richmond Fellowship a program for university students or recent graduates only? These questions are answered in the above article.


The Richmond Fellowship Scotland exists to enrich the lives of people with learning disabilities, and to support those who are in need of long-term care. The organization has won various awards for its work, and provides a wide range of opportunities for professionals and volunteers to get involved. For further information, see their website .


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