Are you an international student looking to study in Germany? If yes then you should apply for the University of Freiburg scholarships for 2024. The University of Freiburg is offering fully funded scholarships to international students who can not pay the tuition fee and living cost of living in Germany. Studying in Germany is one of the best opportunities you can consider. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you want to know about scholarships offered by the University of Freiburg. 

The University of Freiburg is a research-oriented public university located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was founded in 1457, thus being the third oldest university in Germany, after Leipzig and Vienna universities. The University of Freiburg was originally called Studium generale (General Studies), which translates to a university with unrestricted admission at the time.

Most of us are interested in listening only to the United States or England, but other European countries also provide free education to non-EU students. Germany is considered the best place for international students to pursue a master’s degree program, Ph.D. Graduate-level programs and other short training programs. Applicants will receive financial assistance to cover tuition or full tuition fees at the University of Freiburg.

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Details of University of Freiburg Scholarships in Germany 2024

  • Country: Germany
  • University: University of Freiburg
  • Fields: Subjects offered by the university
  • Courses available: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D., and Postdoctoral
  • Deadline: March 31, 2024

Benefits of Scholarship

The University of Freiburg will cover the Financial expenses or full tuition fees at the University of Freiburg.

Scholarship Amount

EU/International students can apply for scholarships worth €2,500. German nationals can apply for a scholarship worth €1,500.

These scholarships are offered by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and are available to undergraduate students starting courses of study in September 2023 at one of these institutions:

  • University of Bristol
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London
  • King’s College London
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • University College Dublin
  • Trinity College Dublin.

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Level of Study

The scholarships are open to study for Masters’s and Ph.D. studies. The number of scholarships: Up to 80 scholarships for EU students, 20 for non-EU students, a total of 100 German University of Freiburg Scholarships for foreign students. There is no nationality restriction on these awards. Nationality requirement: EU or non-EU students can apply for this University of Freiburg Scholarships in Germany 2024 at any time.

Required Documents

  • CV & one letter of motivation
  • Transcript of degree
  • Certificate of the Akademische Prüfstelle (APS) of the German Embassy
  • Letter of acceptance from the supervisor
  • All School certificates
  • University entrance examination certificate
  • University degree

Admission Requirements: Applicants need to submit all necessary academic records and documents required to apply.

Language Requirement: The students must submit scores on the following language proficiency tests:

  • DSH 1 or TestDaF – 3
  • DSH (result 2 or 3) or TestDaF – 4
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: certified proof of English proficiency at the B2 level
  •  German language proficiency Proof at the B2 level is also required by university for an application for Studienkolleg.

Eligibility Criteria:

International students can apply for this Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg International Scholarship.

  • The applicant must have above-average grades and a high level of German language proficiency.
  • Applicants must plan to study abroad at one of our partner universities in Germany and be enrolled as full-time students during their exchange year.
  • Applicants who will be enrolled as part-time students (for example, undergraduate students working towards a degree in Germany) are not eligible for these scholarships.
  • Those who apply for more than one exchange program at once will only be able to receive one scholarship.

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How to apply for University of Freiburg Scholarships?

There is an online process to apply for the University of Freiburg Scholarships in Germany. You need to apply online please submit the required documents as mentioned above. To apply please visit the official website provided below.

Official Link for University of Freiburg Scholarships

Conclusion: This was all about scholarships which you can avail of at the University of Freiburg in Germany. If you want to study in Germany then you should definitely consider this scholarship. We have discussed everything which was necessary for students to apply for this scholarship program. University accepts all international students. So, apply for this scholarship and study in Germany.

Good Luck!

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By Neha

Neha is a scholarship enthusiast and has personally received several scholarships throughout her academic career. Neha is dedicated to help students to apply for the best scholarships available to them.

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