All around the world, many colleges and universities provide partial or fully funded scholarships. This availability allows you to get both education and experience for a discounted price or free. Choosing a fully funded scholarship will be the best option. Australia provides these options not only to its citizens but to foreigners as well. They offer travel fees, living expenses, project costs, etc.

Australian High Commission Scholarships are available for citizens or international students with the aim of supporting developing researchers in obtaining highly valued research experiences.

A fully funded scholarship will give you time to gain experience in the work field. You can focus on gaining engineering internships, marketing internships, law internships, etc., all more easily since you don’t have to concentrate on repaying tuition fees.

7 Fully-funded Australian High Commission Scholarships 2022

Colleges that provide fully funded scholarships are:

The WH Bryan Scholarship

The Queensland University of Technology is known to provide knowledge on earth science. It is available to international students and is fully funded. The scholarship honors the memories of Professor WH Bryan MC, who made many diverse contributions to the geology of Queensland, tertiary education. It aims to advance the understanding of Queensland earth science with the supported project to be led by a high-quality Ph.D. candidate.

You’ll receive the following:

  • Living allowance = $32,000 each year for three years
  • Research project funding allowance = $18,000 each year for three years
  • up to $20,000 to cover start-up costs for the project ( costs include airfares, moving expenses, and overseas student health cover for international students)
  • support for some international activities by the scholar, such as international conference presentations, field workshops, and laboratory work.
  • International students will also receive a QUT research degree (HDR) tuition fee sponsorship.

Eligibility Criteria:

Must apply for a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the area of earth sciences hosted by one of these universities:

  • QUT
  • UQ
  • JCU.

University of Melbourne

This program supports emerging researchers from Australia and India to go through short-term research exchanges. The Australia India Research Students Fellowship (AIRS Fellowship) program provides thirty-five rewards available to applicants from higher education institutions in each county. The program is available to post-doctoral scholars and research students. The participants will undertake a research program of four to eight weeks.

Participants will receive funding to cover travel and living expenses, all depending on their stay.

The Adelaide’s scholarship

The University of Adelaide gives scholarships to postgraduates from around the world. They attend and conduct research at the university.

The scholarship provides insurance, tuition fees, and a living allowance. All students that successfully acquire the scholarship from this program are given the unique opportunity to conduct research and extensively study topics and courses provided by the university.

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (FIPRS)

Another renowned scholarship program provided to university students around the globe is the FIPRS. Flinders university gives scholarships that allow students to enroll for research-based degrees. As the name goes, this degree is available for students living abroad. They provide all the perks and accommodations that a university should offer, and most of these accommodation cover majority of your living expenses.

It covers a living allowance, tuition fees for international students, relocation costs, and air tickets.

Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS)

The Australia Awards Scholarship was previously called the Australia Development Scholarship (ADS). It is funded by both the Australian Foreign Affairs and the Trade Department. This scholarship program was founded specially for undergraduates belonging to developing countries as well as postgraduates from a diverse range of Australian universities. They have even offered other financial support for international students pursuing a wide range of postgraduate degrees, for instance, a Master’s or Ph.D. in Australia.

Endeavor Scholarships For Postgraduate Degrees

Another on the list of the Australian scholarship program that offers a fully funded scholarship is the Endeavor scholarship for postgraduates degrees program. It is open for students who wish to pursue their master’s or Ph.D. in Australia. Fortunately, this scholarship provides you with your monthly stipend, covers insurance policies, and provides a small allowance along with your tuition fee.

Bottom Line

Australian scholarships are provided by the government, programs, and universities to help further educate students and give them opportunities to further research in their desired fields. Australia provides resources for not only its citizens but for people from foreign countries as well. There are several scholarships to choose from. All give its students different opportunities to fulfill their education with ease without worrying about the financial burden it costs to survive and pay for the tuition fees. Hope this article provided some insight into Australia’s different scholarship programs.

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