If you are trying to get a full-time Chongqing University CSC Scholarship (CSC scholarship from Chongqing University) this post can help you apply online and submit your application to Chongqing University for a Chinese government scholarship (CSC scholarship).

Undoubtedly, Chongqing University is now one of the top four most populous Chinese cities in the world, and this is a major Chinese university in almost every field.
Chongqing University invites all international students to submit their application details for admission to the international academic school of Chongqing University stating that you intend to receive a fully sponsored CSC scholarship to support your MS or Ph.D. degree in China.

Description and Qualifications of Chongqing University CSC Scholarship

Like all three other Chinese ‘over’ 3,000 Chinese, CSC scholars will be given the same status of benefits while staying at Chongqing University with an MS or Ph.D. programs taught in Chinese or English.
Here is a dot list of benefits Chongqing University will provide to CSC winners:

Winners of the CGS-UPSP CSC scholarship at Chongqing University will be eligible for a monthly scholarship of RMB 3000 if you are a master’s degree and RMB 3500 if you are a Ph.D. it will be your major degree at Chongqing Institute

  1. International students who have a satisfactory standard of living with a clear academic record with or without IELTS are eligible to submit their CSC scholarship applications.
  2. Chinese Study Council incurs your tuition fees as tuition fee if you are offered a CSC scholarship in Chongqing
  3. CSC graduates from Chongqing University do not have to pay for accommodation
  4. Chongqing University Life Insurance is free
  5. Applicants for the CSC scholarship at Chongqing University please remember that their age should not exceed 35 years as if their goal is to study for a Master’s and Ph.D program. your age 39 years or less.

Departments of Chongqing University
and Programs Offered by Chongqing University 

  • School of Electrical Chongqing University
  • Mechanical engineering Chongqing University
  • Power and thermal engineering sciences Chongqing university faculty
  • Business administration and economics center of Chongqing University
  • Communication engineering and college of information at Chongqing University
  • Chongqing university’s Computer Institute
  • Statistics and Math department of Chongqing University
  • Life sciences school
  • Biomedical engineering department site of Chongqing uni
  • Physics center of Chongqing institute
  • Journalism center in the Chongqing University
  • Chongqing university Civil engineering faculty
  • Environmental engineering website of Chongqing University
  • Software engineering technology faculty list of Chongqing University
  • Material engineering and science webpage Chongqing Institute


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Chongqing University CSC Scholarship – Application Process


In almost every university in China, the CSC Scholarship process is very similar but here at Chongqing University, you guys are required to bring one original set of certified doctors and their two copies requested by the international education school. Chongqing.

  1. There is a website by the Chinese academic council that has made it possible to accept online forms so please start your online CSC application for Chongqing CSC bursary with Chongqing University agency number 10611
  2. Visit any attorney who has the authority to stamp your credentials and documents to submit a Chinese scholarship to Chongqing University
  3. Your interest in studying for a degree program at Chongqing University can be considered for a CSC scholarship if you submit a really good Research Program made up of more than eight hundred words. See the research program or sample research proposal here
  4. Chongqing University requires its CSC applicants to submit the first two letters of recommendation and a set of application documents.
  5. As one of the IELTS examination points, the CSC bursary applicant can submit an English Professional Certificate.
  6. As mentioned above Chongqing University is very concerned about the health status of CSC bursary recipients and therefore requires that your form be checked at any of the nearest public hospitals. Then download this CSC External Examination form and ask your doctor to sign it (in your photo and in the comments area of ​​the form) and paste it on your document set.
  7. Pass three sets of documents to Chongqing University before the deadline

Number.174, Shazhengjie, Shapingba District, Chongqing, Postal Code: 400044, China
International School of Education, admission department, Chongqing University
Call Chongqing University: 86-23-65111001
Email Chongqing University: admissions@cqu.edu.cn

How to apply:

If you would like to apply for the Chongqing University CSC Scholarship then you are advised to visit the Official Website to check the Deadline.

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