Today our topic is List of Masters Scholarships in USA available in 2023, lest’s begin with short Masters Scholarships in the USA are full scholarship programs that do not require repayment of tuition, fees or living expenses, offered to high-achieving students who meet the application criteria and who typically have undergraduate grade point averages of at least 3.5 and SAT scores of at least 1400 or ACT composite scores of 28. Typically, Masters Scholarships in USA require recipients to maintain specific academic standards while they are enrolled in the program and to perform 10 hours of community service per semester while they are in school.

List of Masters Scholarships in USA 2023

  • Sponsor Country: United States of America (USA)
  •  Coverage: Fully-Funded
  • Degree levels: Master Degree program

#1 List of Masters Scholarships in Art & Design

Art Center College of Design, California; Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia; Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore. Economics: Johns Hopkins University; Pennsylvania State University; Columbia University. Engineering: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); California Institute of Technology (Caltech); Stanford University. Humanities & Social Sciences: Harvard University; Yale University; New York University (NYU); Brown University. Life Sciences & Medicine: Harvard Medical School; Cornell University Medical College ; Columbia-Cornell Medical Graduate Program in Computational Biology and Cancer Research.

#2 List of Masters Scholarships in Business & Management

There are many programs to help pay for your Master’s degree. The most common program is to have a company sponsor you while you study, often called an industrial fellowship. Additionally, you can apply directly to your school and there may be scholarships available from local businesses or foundations in your area. Universities may also have lists of other local scholarships that would be appropriate for master’s degree students. If you take out a loan to pay for school, ask about repayment options so that when you graduate, you won’t be saddled with huge payments as soon as you start working.

#3 Law & Jurisprudence

A degree in law or jurisprudence helps you to effectively understand how a company functions. It will also allow you to research laws and statutes. If you’re interested in working with human resources, marketing, business development, or sales and operations management, you’ll want to get your hands on a law degree. For example, marketing specialists need to be familiar with marketing trends across various industries and be well-versed with important legal concepts related to social media (such as intellectual property rights). Writing classes are highly encouraged if you decide on earning a law degree.

#4 Medicine & Health Sciences

$4,500 (USA) Biomedical Science Award: Scholarship administered by EBSCO. Applications must be made online and are due March 22, 2018. The award covers tuition only, but a fee waiver is also provided if you are accepted into a participating school. This $4,500 scholarship is awarded annually to students who aspire to pursue careers in biomedical research fields.

#5 Natural Sciences

This category includes courses that focus on physical sciences (e.g., physics, astronomy, and geology) as well as life sciences (e.g., biology, ecology, zoology). Coursework will allow students to conduct research related to their fields. Students may also study biological topics that include biochemistry and biology. Common courses include Biology; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Ecology; Environmental Studies; Geography and Environmental Planning; Geology; Oceanography

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