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While in the US, the federal government offers several types of financial aid for college students including grants, loans and work-study programs, there are no similar programs in Canada (unlike its neighbor to the south). However, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck footing the bill entirely on your own. In fact, Canadian government scholarships are readily available to help fund your higher education. You just need to know where to look! Here we take a closer look at these funds and tell you exactly how to find one that’s right for you.

What are Canadian Government Scholarships?

Canadian government scholarships are a good way to fund your education. But, they’re not always easy to apply for and they don’t always cover all your expenses. So, how do you know whether Canadian government scholarships are worth it? And if you can benefit from them, what should you know about them before you apply? To figure out whether Canadian government scholarships are right for you, first take a look at what differentiates them from other kinds of aid. Then, read on for tips on how to apply successfully—and an overview of where grants might come from. If a scholarship is right for you and your needs, be sure that financial aid helps fill any gaps in funding left by federal or provincial programs. You never want to end up owing money!

Details About Canadian Government Scholarships 2022

  • Sponsor Country: Canada 
  • Sponsor  Scholarship : Government of Canada
  • Degree : MS Degree Programs, Diploma, Post-Secondary / Post-Graduate Certificate / Master’s degree at a college, technical /  vocational school
  • Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline:  March 2022

Who can apply for the Canadian Government Scholarships?

Any student from across Canada can apply for these scholarships. But, there are some special requirements that you must fulfill in order to be eligible for these scholarships. To be more specific, students who are enrolled in courses as a part of a full-time post-secondary program at a public post-secondary institution in Canada or private colleges and universities recognized by StudentAid Alberta may apply for these scholarship programs. There is no restriction on nationality, gender or academic status. This scholarship program is open only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada. Your age should not exceed 40 years if you wish to avail yourself of these scholarships with an exception of English language training programs where your age shall not exceed 50 years.

What is the application procedure?

The application process for government scholarships is similar to that of regular college applications. Often, there are multiple rounds of assessment; you will have to submit an essay and list your extracurricular activities as well as demonstrate leadership potential. In some cases, it is necessary to write an interview essay, in which you can prove your communication skills through a brief question-and-answer session with a panel of judges.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the scholarships?

Each program has a different eligibility criteria, however, all programs have a similar list of requirements. Generally, you must be enrolled in your final year of study or already graduated in Canada. If you are still studying, you must be planning on attending post-secondary education at an accredited institution. Finally, some programs require that you demonstrate financial need. In order to determine whether or not you are eligible for one of these scholarships, consult each program’s website carefully!

What are my chances of winning?

If you want a government scholarship, you might be wondering what your chances are of winning one. According to a study by Statistics Canada, 43 percent of Canadians between 18 and 24 years old in full-time education were enrolled in undergraduate studies in 2017. Of those undergraduates, around 73% were enrolled in university programs while 27% were enrolled in college programs. Now compare that number with how many students actually apply for government scholarships each year. The University Awards Administration Service (UAS) received nearly 30,000 applications for government-funded awards last year—only 0.9% of all Canadian undergraduates applied! This means there is an impressive 96% chance that you will not win a government scholarship based on your demographics alone!

When and how will I get paid after winning a scholarship?

The money will be placed in your account as soon as you are awarded. It can take anywhere from a few days up to a couple of weeks for all paperwork to go through and for everything to be official. Most payments are made directly into your bank account. If that’s not possible, you will receive payment by cheque.

And what about accommodation expenses?

Accommodation is taken care of for you—you’ll stay with a Canadian family and be required to only speak English. A few weeks before you leave, you’ll have a chance to meet your host family and ask questions about their day-to-day life in Canada. This also gives you an opportunity to ask questions about living in another country, such as how and where they bank or how they organize their day. If you’re worried about staying with a host family that doesn’t speak English well enough, don’t be! As long as your French level is strong enough for basic communication (that means being able to read menus and order food), there should be no problem communicating with your host family.

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