Are you also an international student and looking for Duke University Scholarships for international students? Congratulations and welcome to the Duke Scholarship Program. In this article we will explain each and everything you want to know about Scholarships at Duke University for international students to study in USA. we will also be covering how to apply and how to get accepted into this Scholarships program in 2023. Duke University offers thousands of scholarships to high school students each year, both in their home state of North Carolina and across the country, with many thousands of students applying for these scholarships every year. 

Duke University has always been an elite institution, but the affordability of its financial aid program has made it accessible to many students who might not otherwise be able to attend. To ensure that access remains open, Duke University offers need-based and merit-based scholarships to all students whose families earn less than $100,000 per year. If you are applying to attend Duke in 2023, read on to learn more about the available scholarship programs and deadlines as well as requirements and benefits of each one.

Duke University offers several scholarships to foreign nationals who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at their Durham, North Carolina campus. The application period for the 2023 school year begins in 2022 and ends on February 15, 2023 with notification of the results coming in March 2023. Students may submit up to five applications, including Duke University Scholarships, but will only be considered once by Duke University and will not be considered for an additional award if they are selected as a recipient of one of these competitive awards. Whether you’re applying to Duke because it’s your dream school or because you can’t afford anywhere else, read on to learn about the specific qualifications and requirements of Duke University Scholarships from 2023 .

Benefits of studying at Duke University:

Duke University is ranked 12th best in the world according to US News. Duke has made top 5 in at least one of three subjects each year since 2015 and have ranked consistently among the world’s best universities. Not only is it a great school, but Duke has tons of other things to offer such as community service opportunities and its own publishing house which publishes award-winning books.

  • Funds for board, room, and books
  • Air Travel Costs
  • Unpaid Internships
  • Housing and Living package
  • Free Meals
  • Health Insurance
  • Scholarship Awards of high values
  • Research package of up to $8,000
  • Tuition fee Costs 100%, 50%, & 20%
  • Thesis printing costs

Courses Offered 

  • Information Technology
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Arts & History
  • Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Classical Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • Ecology
  • Stem Cell Biology
  • Economics
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • English
  • Physics
  • Music
  • Pharmacology
  • Literature
  • Pathology

Duke University Scholarships Requirements:

In order to qualify for the program, a student must be accepted by Duke in the chosen school and major. They also need to rank in the top 5% of their high school class and demonstrate significant financial need, which includes meeting at least one of these conditions: receiving an ACT or SAT score below 21, family income below $75,000/year or been named a FIRST STEP Scholar. To be considered financially needy, a student should not have access to enough funds to pay tuition without substantial scholarship support.

The application deadline is February 1st 2019 and decisions will be made between April 1st-April 15th 2019. Students are expected to sign and return Financial Aid Agreement paperwork on November 30th 2018 if they are selected as finalists for this award.

Duke University Scholarships and financial aid:

There are many scholarships and other forms of financial aid available at Duke to help you meet the costs of a Duke education. Scholarships are based on many factors, including academic merit, socioeconomic background, geography and much more. Here is a list of all the available scholarship types. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. There may be other scholarships which aren’t listed here that could apply to you and your particular circumstances.


1. Karsh International Scholarship:

The Karsh International Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate or graduate students of any major who show excellence in their field of study.
-Must be a permanent resident in the United States and enrolled at an accredited US college/university.
-Must have applied to study abroad before beginning a degree program at their current institution and cannot receive this scholarship for studying abroad as part of their program.

2. Duke Chancellor’s Scholarships:

One Duke-specific award is the Chancellor’s Scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition and all fees, a $12,000 living stipend each year, and mandatory health insurance. It has no limit on the number of years a student can receive it and is renewable up to three years. Recipients are also given an opportunity to travel to seven cities in four continents as part of their intellectual and personal development journey.

3. Nakayama Public Service Scholarship program:

Nakayama Public Service Scholarship program is open to high school seniors who intend to enroll in a four-year college and university undergraduate degree program with an emphasis on public service. Candidates will be evaluated on community involvement, civic engagement, and interest in public service work. If you’re interested in community and/or leadership development, this is a great opportunity.

4. Dean’s Graduate Fellowships for Ph.D. graduates:

A Dean’s Graduate Fellowship may be a possibility for you if you are an advanced graduate student in the natural or social sciences, mathematics, engineering, humanities, physical education or medicine. You must be in your third year of Ph.D. study at Duke and have already received a Ph.D. to be eligible for this program.

5. Robertson Scholars Leadership Program:

Robertson Scholarship recipients will receive access to a range of networking opportunities, activities and other events. All Robertson scholars are expected to represent the Robertson program on campus and at off-campus leadership development programs, even if they do not pursue a major in Engineering or participate in Robertson related student organizations.
In order to qualify for consideration, students must complete their application between January 1 and March 15; however scholarship awards are made based on the competition through February 28 .

6. Fulbright Scholarships at Duke:

The Fulbright Program, begun in 1946 and sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, is one of the oldest and most prestigious international exchange programs in the world. Designed to increase mutual understanding between people and cultures through academic activity; it has expanded greatly over the years, now encompassing thousands of exchanges each year with 140 countries worldwide. The Duke-Fulbright program provides competitive funding to enable select American citizens to pursue teaching or other academic assignments abroad as Fulbright Specialist or Scholar.

7. Diversity Scholarships:

$25,000 or $10,000 renewable scholarships are available to students who identify as any of the following: Asian American, African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino(a), Pacific Islander, and US citizens. Individuals with disabilities also have a separate scholarship opportunity in amounts of $5,000 or $2,500 renewable scholarship.

8. Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowships:

The Duke University Hung Taiwan-Duke University Fellowships is a highly competitive, full tuition scholarship program. Applicants should have high academic achievements and be intending to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies at Duke’s US-based campuses.


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