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The study portion is bringing another amazing opportunity of MEXT Scholarship 2022 for those students who want to study in Japan. This Scholarship is one of the best fully funded scholarships of the year (Japan) ? and the great news is that the applications for MEXT scholarships is open now. This is a fully-funded scholarship offered by the Japanese Government for international students who want to study for their degrees at Japanese Universities.

The MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2022-23  has been announced for various degree programs like undergraduate, master’s, and different doctoral degree programs. There are various  fields of study in which students can apply but the students of research are restricted to apply to the  welfare science, medicine, traditional entertainment arts, or dentistry-related fields

Before you apply for this scholarship Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship for 2022, you should visit the official website of the university to look for a list of eligible courses. All the interested students must be from such country that has good relations with Japan. 

 IELTS or TOEFL is not mandatory to apply for this MEXT Scholarship 2022, As I mentioned above this is a fully-funded international scholarship it will cover tuition fees, stipends, airfare allowance, exam fees, and transportation allowance in Japan. There is a benefit for the research students that they get the opportunity to conduct different researches in international laboratories under the supervision of the MEXT university faculty.

MEXT Scholarship 2022 | Japanese Government Scholarship:

sponsor Country:

  • Japan

Sponsor institute:

  • The MEXT scholarship is offered by the Ministry of Education, Japan in  Science, Culture, Sports, and Technology.

Host University:

  • Students can choose a host university according to their degree program across Japan.

Course Level:

All the International students can apply for Undergraduate(BS), Masters (MS), and Doctoral(phd)  Diploma and some Specialized training programs. 

  • Undergraduate Degree Programs (Bachelors)
  • Master’s Programs (MS)
  • Doctoral Programs 
  • College of Technology Programs (Diplomas)
  • Specialized Training Programs (Diplomas)

MEXT Scholarship Categories:

  • MEXT Undergraduate Scholarship 2022-23
  • MEXT Research Scholarship 2021 and 2022(Masters and PhD)
  • MEXT College of Technology Scholarship 2021-22
  • MEXT Specialized Training Scholarship 2021-22

Japan Scholarship Duration:

  • Undergraduate: 4 Years (BS)
  • Masters: 2 Years (MS)
  • Doctoral: 4 Years (Ph.D.)

 Benefits of MEXT Japanese Government Scholarship 2022-23:

MEXT scholarship 2022-23 is a fully funded grant by the government of Japan. It is one of the most paid scholarship programs in the world. 

Advantages of the MEXT Undergraduate Scholarship in Japan 2022:

  • Complete  tuition fee of the students will be provided.
  • Airfare allowance for the scholars will be provided.
  • An exam fee will also be provided by the host institute.
  • A monthly stipend of up to 118,000$ yen will be provided to scholars
  • Transportation allowance within Japan will be covered to the scholars

Eligibility Criteria 

  • As I mentioned above that the candidate must be from a country that has diplomatic (good) relations with Japan.
  • A candidate must have to study and learn the  Japanese language.
  • A candidate should be medically fit (good in health
  • All the candidates must have a bachelor’s if he/she applying for bachelor scholarship and have Masters’s degree if he/she applying for the master’s degree program.

To know more about mext scholarship program do visit the japan embassy in ou country. 

MEXT Scholarship Has Announced For Countries:

1) MEXT Scholarship for Nepal 2022-23

Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD

Last date: May 14, 2021.  

For more details about MEXT Scholarship for Nepal 2022-23 do visit

2) MEXT Scholarship for Pakistan 2022-23

Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD


  • Undergraduate Scholarships: May 28,2021.
  • Graduate Scholarships: May 21, 2021.

For more about mext scholarship for Pakistan do visit

3) MEXT Scholarship for Brunei Darussalam 2022-23

Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD

Deadline: May 28,2021.

For more details about this grant visit

4) MEXT Scholarship for Indonesia 2022-23

 Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD

Deadline: 7th May 2021.

For more details do visit

5) MEXT Scholarship for Malaysia 2022-23

Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD

Deadline: May 8, 2021.

For more details about this do visit

6) MEXT Scholarships for Singapore 2022-23

Degree Level: Undergraduate (Bachelors),  Masters (MS), and  doctoral PhD

Deadline: June 25, 2021.

For more details about this grant do visit

Note: if your country is not mentioned in the above list of available countries for mext scholarship then you are advised to visit our website for other 

Required Documents:

In order to secure your position for MEXT scholarship, you must have the following documents. Otherwise, your application will be immediately rejected.

  • Certificates of graduation or Degree
  • MEXT Application From
  • Recommendation Letters from the university
  • Medical Certificate of all the applicants
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Field of Study and Research Plan of the students
  • CV
  • Passport
  • Abstracts of theses during their degree 

Application procedure 

  • If you are eligible and in the country list mentioned above then you should apply for the MEXT scholarship by submitting the required documents to the Japanese diplomatic mission in his/ her country of origin.
  • After round 1 screening, some selected students will be asked to request the universities for an acceptance letter.
  • A candidate wh received an acceptance letter from the university will be providing further required documents for the confirmation of the scholarship.

Application Deadline:

  • The deadline for this scholarship program varies according to residing country.

Note: don’t be sad if you are not on the above list of available countries for the mext scholarship program you can explore a lot of other scholarship opportunities on our website.

best of luck.



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