Tampere University Scholarships in Finland 2022 is a great opportunity for international students to study in Europe, one of the leading universities in Finland with a variety of study opportunities for foreign students entering.

About Tampere University Scholarships

Temple University represents almost every recognized discipline worldwide. Tampere University is a combination of research and education in the fields of health, technology and society. Their interactions with their partners are based on their unique combination of instructions, strengths and practical skills. Tampere University has 21,000 students and approximately 4,000 staff. They offer fun and varied learning programs. The University has 100 active research teams and institutions and conducts many research projects.

Description Of Tampere University Scholarships 2022:

Sponsor Country: Finland / Europe

Degree: Undergraduate (bs)and Masters degree (MS)programs

Eligibility: all International Students

SponsorUniversity: Tampere University

Sponsor By: University Itself and NFSP

Available Majors:

For Bachelors Degree:

Tampere University Scholarships 2022:

Tampere University is ready to donate its scholarship package to encourage all international students and to pay for master’s and bachelor’s degrees. Remember that all the subjects students want to study under this scholarship must be in English.

The Tampere University Scholarships is for undergraduate / undergraduate and graduate students, while the Finnish scholarship is for undergraduate students.

Tampere University Tuition fees:

This course is available to undergraduate and graduate students in Tampere University Scholarships and covers 100% of the student’s full-time study. The duration of the programs is given below.

Bachelor’s degree (BS)= 3 years

Masters degree (MS)= 2 years

Tampere University Scholarships:

The scholarship is part of the NFSP (Finnish National Scholarship Program). This course is applicable to undergraduate students only. This scholarship is only awarded accordingly. There are two types of bursaries. The course covers tuition fees and offers a transfer fee of 5,000 €. This transfer fee is paid directly into the student bank account in Finland. This transfer grant is for the first year only. And in the second year only 100% tuition will be paid.
Early Bird Offer:
In addition to other costs of study, it is also available for students who pay the initial cost of Birds Scholarship. This scholarship is not offered to students who have been selected for full exemption from scholarship or scholarship upon admission. The value of this Early Bird Scholarship is a 50% reduction in costs for the first year of study. This is a non-renewable scholarship and is only paid for the first year.


There are 2 different courses with different deadlines for bachelors and master’s degrees.


Masters(MS Degree:

First application time: 8 December 2021

End date: 12 January 2022

Masters(MS) Degree:

First Application Time: 5 January 2022

End date: 19 January 2022

How to apply for Tampere University Scholarships?

Please note that applicants must apply for a scholarship as part of a scholarship and apply for a Finnish scholarship.

Applications are also sent online with the same type of application submitted by applicants for approval. Applicants will have the option to specify when they want to apply for a scholarship.

Apply Now or visit the Official Website

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