Now you can start your study journey in the UK. Good news! The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship (OCIS) Scholarships are currently open. In this article we will explain more details about the OCIS Scholarship, its benefits and the step-by-step process.

The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship (OCIS) 2022-2023 are fully funded bursaries for international students. These bursaries are only given to masters. This Scholarship includes a 100% tuition fee and a lifetime grant of £ 15,609.

The Oxford Center for Islamic Studies is a well-known independent institution at Oxford University. It was founded in 1985 to promote the study of Islam and the Islamic world. The center provides a meeting place for Western and Islamic learning countries.

The scholarships were established by the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship to allow graduates to pursue studies that benefit the Islamic world.

At Oxford, it participates in a study that involves multiple disciplines and the diversity of the Islamic world. Outside of Oxford, its role is reinforced by an international network of students. For more information, please visit the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies website

Summary of  Scholarship

  • Levels of Study: Masters and PhD
  • Sponsor Institution: University of Oxford
  • Study in: United Kingdom
  • Offered Courses : All  master’s & M Phil courses
  • Duration: According to the chosen program.
  • Deadline: January 2022

Scholarship Coverage

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship offer the recipient the following benefits:

  1. 100% tuition fee and living allowance (at least £ 15,285)


Qualifications of Oxford Institute for Islamic Studies Scholars

To qualify for the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship or OCIS Scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Required language: English
  2. Eligible Countries: You must have:

who lives in the United Kingdom and in a Muslim community (preference given to those from a financially poor family), or
who is foreign, and generally resident, in one of the following countries in Asia and Africa:
Afghanistan, India, Albania, Indonesia, Pakistan,Palestine, Algeria,  Qatar, Azerbaijan, Iran,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Senegal,Jordan,  Kazakhstan,Bangladesh,  Sierra Leone, Somalia,Benin Kuwait,  Brunei Darussalam, Kyrgyzstan,  Burkina Faso, Sudan,Lebanon,  Cameroon, Libya, Suriname,Syrian Arab Republic, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Comoros, Togo,Maldives, Côte d’Ivoire,Tunisia, Mali,  Djibouti, Egypt, Mauritania, Turkey, Morocco, Chad, Turkmenistan, Mozambique, Gabon,Uganda, Gambia, United Arab Emirates, Niger, Guinea, Nigeria,  Guyana, Oman, Yemen,Uzbekistan

  • You must apply to start a new master’s or DPhil course at Oxford.
  • You should intend to return to your country of residence once your studies have been completed.

Suggested Scholarships

Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit.

This scholarship is not open to students applying for postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma, part-time or non-metric courses.

You should aim to conduct research in a field that is based on or related to Islamic culture, or that is important and / or beneficial to the Islamic world.

Candidates for the postponed elections to start in 2022-23 will not be considered for the course.

How do you apply for the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies Scholarships?

Please follow the steps below to receive OCIS Scholarships:

  1. You must submit your application for a degree at Oxford by the appropriate January 2022 deadline, select your specific courses from here.
  2. Click “Apply” full time, create a new account, and provide the required documentation.
  3. Download the OCIS Support Statement here


  • Each lesson has a statement of purpose form.
  • Each subject requires specific points (TOEFL BT, IELTS Academic).
  • Each lesson has a specific deadline.

To be eligible for this course of study, applicants must be successful in being offered a place in their course after considering the applications received by the appropriate January deadline. Course applications submitted after the January deadline to be reviewed compared to applications received by the March deadline, or course applications listed on the waiting list, are not eligible for consideration for a bursary.
You can see all the Asian and African countries eligible here.


To find information out more about the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) Scholarships, you should visit the official website

By Neha

Neha is a scholarship enthusiast and has personally received several scholarships throughout her academic career. Neha is dedicated to help students to apply for the best scholarships available to them.

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