Studying abroad can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but the cost of international travel and university fees often makes it out of reach for students from low-income families. Thankfully, there are scholarships available to help make your dream of studying in Dubai or Canada in 2023 possible, even if you don’t have the money to get there on your own.

The Canadian University Dubai Scholarship is one of the most generous tuition waivers available, and will pay for your plane ticket and boarding costs, tuition and housing once you arrive in Dubai! In order to apply, however, you’ll need to meet all of the following requirements.

About Canadian University Dubai Scholarship Scholarship:

  • Levels of Study: Undergraduate and Masters
  • Study in: UAE
  • Host Institution: Canadian University Dubai
  • Opportunity Areas: Click here to check available programs.
  • Program Period: Depends on your chosen degree.
  • Deadline: The Deadline for fall semester is July 7th. The Deadline for spring semester is December 20th.

Admission Requirements

Students who are looking forward to apply for Canadian University Dubai scholarship must:

  •  Be a Canadian citizen.
  • Have an outstanding academic performance with a minimum average of A+ in Secondary Education and 90% throughout your college career.
  • Have enrolled in any field of study in a Canadian university (Scholarship is only granted once).
  • Submit an official secondary school transcript, as well as an official transcript from each post-secondary institution attended thereafter, including current transcripts if you are currently attending post-secondary education/university classes and plan on applying in 2023.
  • Submit a letter outlining two reasons why you deserve our award 6. A 500 word essay about what it means to be Canadian and how you intend contribute positively to Canada 7.

Canadian University Dubai Scholarship Coverage

The scholarship is for international students who have applied for admission and will attend an undergraduate or graduate program at one of our partner institutions in the Middle East. This includes:

  • American University of Sharjah
  • Curtin University in Dubai
  • Institute of Business Administration in Bahrain
  • Intishar Arab College of Business
  • Masdar Institute
  • Zayed University

Tuition scholarships cover 50% to 100% tuition costs annually. Please note that only confirmed students are eligible to apply for an award.

Advantages of a Canadian University Degree

If you’re looking at Canadian Universities and you know that getting a degree from Canada is generally quite useful in both your career and personal life, it’s because there are benefits of attending a Canadian University.

For one, you’ll have more job opportunities since a lot of multinational companies look for candidates with international degrees. At these big businesses, people who have an experience studying in Canada have an edge over their non-Canadian counterparts. In addition, having a Canadian education will allow you to be more competitive on almost any platform; whether it’s for school applications or scholarship contests.

Application Process

The Canadian University of Dubai scholarship application process is highly competitive and will require you to submit a comprehensive essay, an interview with a member of faculty, and several letters of recommendation. It’s important that you make use of your resources: talk to teachers, family members and friends about putting together your application. You can also check out sample essays or view examples online for inspiration. In order to be considered for a scholarship, you’ll need to complete all aspects of your application before deadline time ends!

  1. If you are  fresh student , you have to first to check the requirements Here.
  2. Apply for admission in Canadian University by clicking  Here.
  3. Submit Scholarship application form By clicking Here.
  4. You will need to provide it with all supporting documents:
    • Completed application form
    • Bank statements
    • Current rental contract


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