The Uniten Scholarship 2023 is now open for applications! If you’re a student looking for financial assistance for your studies, this is the perfect opportunity for you. With this scholarship, you’ll not only get financial aid but also mentorship and guidance from Uniten staff throughout your studies. So if you’re ready to take your education to the next level, read on to find out more about the Uniten Scholarship 2023.

The Uniten Scholarship is a scholarship and financial assistance program offered by the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) to Malaysian students. It is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above who are enrolled in any undergraduate or postgraduate course at Uniten.

The Uniten Scholarship covers the full tuition fees for the duration of your studies, as well as a monthly allowance to help with your living expenses. You will also be provided with a laptop computer and printer, and given access to a specialised library and learning resources.

If you are awarded the Uniten Scholarship, it is important that you understand and fulfil your obligations under the contract. This includes maintaining good academic results and being an active member of the community. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your scholarship.

Benefits of the Uniten Scholarship:

The Uniten Scholarship is a great way to help offset the costs of college. The scholarship can be used for tuition, books, and other expenses related to your education. The scholarship is available to students who are enrolled in an accredited college or university. To be eligible for the Uniten Scholarship, you must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be a citizen of the United States. You must also be enrolled in a full-time program at an accredited college or university.

Who is eligible for the Uniten Scholarship?

To be eligible for the Uniten Scholarship, you must have excellent academic results and demonstrate financial need. You will also be required to undergo an interview process. If successful, you will be required to sign a contract agreeing to certain conditions, such as maintaining good academic results and participating in community service activities.

  •  Must be a citizen of a country that is a member of the Commonwealth
  •  Must not hold any other scholarship or financial aid
  •  Must have excellent academic results
  •  Meet the minimum English proficiency requirements as determined by Uniten
  •  Fullfil all the necessary application requirements

How to apply for the Uniten Scholarship?

In order to apply for the Uniten Scholarship, eligible students must first complete and submit the online application form. After submitting the form, students will be required to upload their most recent academic transcript. Lastly, a personal statement and two letters of recommendation will also be required.

Official website of United Scholarship


We hope this article on the Uniten Scholarship 2023 has been helpful in providing you with information on the scholarship and how to apply for it. The Uniten Scholarship is a great opportunity for those who are looking for financial assistance to pursue their studies. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we encourage you to apply for the scholarship. Good luck!

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